KnowHow, service and efficiency

That describes our team to the point. We are happy to assist you in all matters relating to our products and services. Because we know your requirements and wishes exactly. Get an idea of your contacts in our team.


Christoffer Petereit

Sales Director


Fabian Pont

Senior Sales Manager


Ralf Ghosal

Senior Sales Manager


Sebastian Wagner

Senior Sales Manager


Souhaila Mazoujgui

Sales Manager


Tomasz Najmowicz

Sales Manager


Frédéric Brune

Sales Manager


Johanna Meyer

Sales Manager


Filipe Silva

Senior Sales Manager


Tim Marten

Sales Analyst


Christine Isermann

Sales Assistant




Edina Weselmann

Head of Logistics







Quality Management

Andrea Voit

Quality Assurance Manager Food






Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Felix Otte

Regulatory Affairs Manager


Hannah Krolzig

Regulatory Affairs Manager


Dr. Ulrike Hahn

Regulatory Affairs Manager




Volker Bauß

Head of Finance





Human Resources

Verena Höpfner

Human Resources Manager






Thomas Hoops

Managing Director